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One of Whalom Park's most popular attractions in the early years was it's beautiful Ball Room.  Originally built quite rustic and called the Dance Hall, it soon became the most hopping place  around.  The biggest of the Big Band's played at Whalom's Ball Room, and entertained thousands, especially during the war years when Fort Devans was operational.  Many a soldier met their first love at the Ball Room.  It also served as the Penny Arcade when the original was destroyed.  It too came to a fiery end in March of 2002 when vandals broke into the building and lit the fire which brought it to the ground.
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Our Memories of the Ballroom
I enjoyed dancing to the music of; Vaughan Monroe(1952), the Billy Mays Orchestra under the direction of Sam Donohue(1954) and almost made it to the Jerry Gray Orchestra, except my car broke down on the way there. We returned to Gardner via the old Flanagan bus line. (1954)
Anonymous ~ July 13, 2010