A local boys band from 1964 "The Shadows".  Photo contributed by Bob Sparks.Ken Sherburne.  Photo contributed by Edmund CaseyKing Arthur.  Photo contributed by Edmund CaseyKing Arthur & Goldi Tight Rope Show - Photo contributed by Amanda Olivet WalkerKing Arthur .  Photo contributed by Edmund CaseyKing Arthur Show.  Photo contributed by Edmund Casey
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Our memories of the Center Stage and entertainment
I remember when I was young my dad and his band would play on this stage and I would get to go on with them.  I was so young but I can still remember if you look at the acts that they have up for the center stage Robin right was one of the bands my dad played in.  I wish it was a time that he was playing but its the same anyways. Another band he played with there was Angela West And Showdown and every time they played there they rocked that park. I wish so bad that the park was still there so I could bring my son, but at least I have stories I can share with him and pics to show! Its truly sad to miss but truly happy to remember.
Chelsey Young ~ July 27, 2010
Most people won't remember this, but the cast of the "Howdy Doody" show was there in the early 1960's!  The person that played Clarabell the clown was Roger Dangerfield  (His first job on TV)  My dad had a beer with him at the bar across the street, on Rte 13.  I can't remember the name.
Bob ~ April 21, 2011