Entertainment Department
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One of Whalom Park's employment opportunities was working in the entertainment department.  This included becoming one of the mascots; Wally or Wanda Whalom, Super Chick, Simon Looney Bear, Silly Savage and later 'Barnaby' the walking, talking puppet stage. and even later an Alien and a Gorilla.  These characters walked about the park daily greeting park patrons, riding rides with folks, performing daily in center stage 'character' shows, and posing for thousands of photo's.  The entertainment crew also did  fifteen minute puppet shows in Kiddieland, four times a day, and 'Starshine' marionette shows near the 'Rock & Roll' ride.  The mascots also appeared in a daily parade which utilized the antique Whalom fire truck which circled the park.  During the 1970's when the characters were introduced in the park, a very small 10'x15' building was constructed as a changing room.  This building was located next to the park office.  However, as it became too small and began to deteriorate, the entertainment department moved to the Roller Rink, where there were several rooms (where the skates were stored) and offices which became the new changing rooms and rehearsal space.  It was a great spot for the mascots as it remained quite cool in the building all through the summer, and was indeed a pleasure to return to after walking around in these very hot suits in the 80 and 90 degree weather.

Working in the entertainment department was truly having 'A Whale of a Time' at Whalom Park!
Caricatures of the entertainment crew of 1988 - by Paul L'Ecuyer.  Photo contributed by Amanda Olivet WalkerMichael Ramon - Photo contributed by Amanda Olivet WalkerKevin - Contributed by Edmund CaseyNancy T.  Photo contributed by Edmund CaseyMandy O, Paul L and Nancy T.  Photo contributed by Edmund CaseyMandy and Simon - Photo contributed by Amanda Olivet WalkerPaul L and David V.  Photo contributed by Edmund CaseyNancy T.  Photo contributed by Edmund CaseyRoger.  Photo contributed by Edmund CaseyEd as Wally.  Photo contributed by Edmund Casey
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