The Monster Motel Zombie in glass window which replaced the laughing clown - Video capture by Jay DucharmeEntrance to the Monster Motel - Video Capture by Jay DucharmeInside the Monster Motel
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Our memories of the 'Fun House'
A trip to Whalom just wasn't complete unless you ventured through the Fun House.  The original designs for the creatures that stood outside on the rooftop, were constructed by Dominic Spadola, who also did much of the art design and painting of Whalom's Pirate's Den.  He also painted the designs inside as well, utilizing black, and strobe lights. which made many of the still objects glow in the dark or seem like they were moving, when they really weren't.  Walking inside was fun in itself, with the Turkey Trot floors that rocked up and down, the blasts of air, the funny mirrors, the crooked house that Jack built, and of course the 'Record Player' in the middle of the floor which once everyone sat upon, would spin faster and faster until finally everyone was flung off, crashing into the somewhat padded barriors.  There was also a steep slide which one would fly down on a burlap bag, and of course the 'Barrel of Laugh's' which people would try and walk through or do hand stands, whie the barrel continuously spun, creating a total loss of balance.  In later years, the Fun House became 'The Fun Place',  'The Prism' and finally, 'The Monster Motel'    It always contained the barrel, and the frightening clown or ghoul that sat within his glass case laughing at those who passed him by.
I remember going in the Fun House quite often.  It was my favorite place in the park.  I especially liked the moving floor, rotating barrel and air blast that blew up the girl's skirts.  I loved looking in the stainless steel
warped mirrors and I actually still have one of them  which we got when the park was dismantled.
Jack Miller ~ March 15, 2011
The rotating barrel was one of the best attractions, especially with the unexpected little shocks you would get from the small metal spots. The crazy walk section, where your brain couldn't quite get where you were going, was fun, too!
Ray Bilodeau~ March  31, 2011
The rotating barrel that left everyone dizzy as can be, trying to pass through from end to the other end! The year was 1987. I loved it!
Larry Rettig ~ April 16, 2011
Anyone remember the smooth wooden floor that you sat on that was flush with the rest of the floor, then it started to move, and turn in a circle, and spin faster and faster until you were thrown off into the walls?
Sharron Sturtevant ~ April 21, 2011