Slam Dunk &
Pitcher's Mound Games
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Our memories of 'Slam Dunk' or ' Pitcher's Mound' games
Gosh, I used to throw balls back in the 1940's!  You sure have brought back some memories to me!  I lived in Gardner and used to sneak out to go to Whalom Park all the time.  Mom thought I was in the Gardner Square!!  LOL
Bob Pierce ~ March 11, 2011
I used to go to the Pitchers Mound on my breaks ( used to work at the park ) and would win prizes for some of the girls I worked with. One of the guys I worked with would play the "Duck Game", behind the Pitchers Mound, and could pick the winning ducks every time.....God those were the days!
John Spadafore ~ January 22, 2012