The Whalom Park mascots venturing through Kiddie-Land for meet and greet photo's.  Photo contributed by Paul L'EcuyerSuper Chick welcoming young guests in Kiddie-Land.  Photo contributed by Paul L'EcuyerThe Kiddie-Land Jet ride.  Photo contributed by Paul L'EcuyerThe 'Tubs of Fun' ride in Kiddie-Land.  ~ Photo contributed by David HebertThe Kiddie-Land Whip ride. ~ Photo contributed by David HebertThe Astronaut Ride in Kiddie-Land ~ Photo contributed by David HebertJoey and Sarah posing with the Kiddie-Land Clown.Photo contributed by Edmund CaseyThe famous 'Whalom Park Clown on Bench" posed for thousands of photo's.  Here is what he looked like in the cold, winter months!  He now lives comfortably at the Lunenburg Historical Society.The Kiddie-Land Puppet Theater during the final year of Whalom Park - '2000.Video capture by Jay DucharmeVideo capture by Jay DucharmeVideo capture by Jay DucharmeVideo capture by Jay DucharmeKiddie-Land Motorcylces ~ Photo contributed by David HebertKiddie-Cars in Kiddie-Land. ~ Contributed by David HebertBarnaby the walking Puppet Theater often visited the Kiddie-land section to say hello to all of his little friends.  Photo contributed by Paul L'EcuyerThe Kiddie Car ride now resides in New London, CT at 'Ocean Beach Park'  Photo contributed by David Sugrue
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One of the most wonderful things at Whalom Park was its 'Kiddie-Land' section.  Smaller rides just right for the little tots who visited.  The Kiddie-land was originally located near the Train station with an entrance from Route 13.  In the early 1980's a new parcel of land was purchased behind the Administration building, and also directly behind where the Pirate's Den and Luv Machine rides were once located.  A new Kiddie-land was designed for this area. It was much nicer with trees that surrounded the area, less traffic and noise. There was an old abandoned house on the parcel of land which the park wanted to save and perhaps turn into a new 'dark' ride as an attraction to the New Kiddieland, however as the budget did not allow for the construction of an elaborate dark ride, so the Whalom Park Historical Museum was decided as a good use for the building.  Most of the rides from the old Kiddieland section were moved here following the ground work as well as the Kiddie-Land Puppet Theater, 'Porky, the Paper Eater', 'Leo the Lion, trash eater' and the park bench clown who appears in millions of photo's.  (The clown now resides quietly at the Lunenburg Historical Society.)
The new Kiddieland section was very popular upon it's opening, and the museum which opened a few seasons after also enjoyed lots of visitors.  The first several photo's below shows the land under construction for the new Kiddieland.
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