Kiddie-Land prior to 1985
One of the first things folks would see driving on Rte 13 was the colorful entrance and ride canopies of the 'Kiddie-Land' section of the park.  Small rides for small fries!  The original Kiddie-land was located near the train station and bordered Rte 13 and a parking lot.  After many years in the same location, the owners purchased a plot of land near the administration building and decided to move Kiddie-land to this more quiet, tree lined area and convert the old Kiddie-land section into an area with larger, grown up rides - which would also be more visually enticing for travelers on rte 13.  The new Kiddie-Land opened in the mid 1980's.
Early entrance to Kiddie-LandMore elaborate and colorful entrance to Kiddie-land in the 1950'sMaryilynn and Paula Davis and Donna Whitten on the 'Kiddie Whip' -  July 1951.  Photo contributed by Paula DavisSkyview looking down at  Kiddie-land.  During this time there was evena small metal roller-coaster for kids and a smaller Carousel type ride called the 'Rocky-Go-Round'.The Train DepotKiddie Ride - Andrew Colligan, age 3 - Photo taken 1974 by Sheila Colligan - Contibuted by Nancy HesbyKiddieland Boats - Andrew Colligan, age 3. Photo taken by Shelia Colligan 1974 - Contributed by Nancy HesbyJames F. Reynolds, Jr. on the Fire Truck ride.  Photo contributed by Shirley Reynolds.Longtime park employee, Peggy Girouard along with her grandson Bill and greatgrandson Jim - Photo contributed by Dan Reynolds

Corinne and Michelle ArkersonPatty Smith and Jeffrey ArkersonEntering Kiddie-land from the main entrance following installation of the Yo-Yo ride.View of the old Kiddie-landSuper Chick and Wally Whalom pose with a small childThe first Kiddieland puppet shows were introduced in 1980, and an old ticket booth was used as the stage.  Park benches were put in front and drew large crowds.Willy and Wilma Whale introduce the showKiddie-Land Puppet Show - "Little Red Clucking Hood""Goldi-locks & the Three Characters"Wally Whalom displays the Kiddie-land Boat rideA new puppet building was constructed for the Kiddieland puppet theater.  First original painting resembled a gingerbread house.Porky the Paper EaterWally Whalom drawing children's portraitsWally Whalom resting inside the Travers-Air Ship ride which was displayed in Kiddie-land.Kiddie-Land rideWally Whalom after a long day!The Astronaut ride in Kiddie-land - Rte 13 in background with the 'Great Sign'Kiddie-Land JetsOld Kiddieland from the roof of the Fun HouseOld Kiddieland from the roof of the Fun House - Rocky Go Round in front.The old Kiddie-Land prior to it's move.Another view of the old Kiddie-LandPuppet Theater is prepared for move to the new area.  Note the Gingerbread house to the right of it.  This building became the 'Starshine Marionette Theater' and was moved near the Ferris Wheel.Rides dismantled and moved to the new Kiddie-land.Porky is getting ready to moveView of the side of puppet theater and Gingerbread house which housed electrical circuits etc.  Rides being dismanteled and moved to new section
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