Where the "Drawbridge Puppets" began  30 years ago!
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The first puppet theater in Kiddieland was an old converted ticket boothThe host of the shows were two joke telling and infectious laughter puppets named Willy and Wilma Whale.Goldilocks & the Three CharactersWhile building a larger puppet booth in Kiddieland, this portable stage was used for the shows - on the front steps to the ball room.Willy and Wilma had makeover's - painted flesh tone instead of the 'Whale Green'.Chris and Tim pose on the side of the new Kiddieland Puppet BoothTim G, Joyce R and Chris pose outside of the new Kiddieland Puppet TheaterThe first show at the new puppet booth draws a crowdPuppeteers posing in Kiddieland after a show.The puppet shows continued through the years - with several new paint jobs on the building.Characters pose in front of Puppet TheaterCrowd watching puppet showTwo entertained girlsThe building was eventually moved to the new Kiddieland Area in 1986.Crowds taking in a puppet showMore audiencesAnd more audiences...And even more!  Four to five shows were performed in Kiddieland daily.As the puppet theater looked in 1999.Front view of puppet theater in 1999Puppet theater was restored for the final year of operation in 2000.Another view in 2000The audiences were smaller in 2000, but still entertained.The Three Little Pigs - Drawbridge Puppet Productions - 2000
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