Longtime park employee, Peggy Girouard along with her grandson Bill and greatgrandson Jim - Photo contributed by Dan ReynoldsPeggy Girouard spent many years selling 'Whale' ride tickets from the little booths around the park.  Peggy loved her job and the many people who visited Whalom.  Everyone loved Peggy too, as she was the sweetest lady at the park.Video Capture by Jay DucharmeVideo Capture by Jay DucharmeVideo capture by Jay Ducharme2001 - Gates remained closed
For many years, it was always free to enter the park.  There were many small ticket booths throughout the park where folks could purchase a ticket to ride a certain ride.  But as most parks were doing, Whalom followed by blocking the many entrances and having only two.  A general admission fee was charged in addition to the rides and waterslide.
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Our memories of entering Whalom Park
In 1986 upon entering the park and paying the admission price, each person was given a map of the place, On the cover of the map was a picture of the steepest drop of the rollar coaster ride full of people with their mouths wide open screaming!  I will never forget bringing my son there the following year and being given the map and to our astonishment seeing me and my son  sitting side by side in the front car of the rollar coaster in the map picture as it proceeded down that biggest incline! It made our day and yes, we were given 20 maps to show off to people. Talk about a coincidence!!
Larry Rettig (Jr. & Sr.) ~ April 15, 2011