Starshine Marionette Theater
The Starshine Marionette Theater was developed by Paul L'Ecuyer in 1984.  A building in the Kiddie-Land area which housed electrical and other machinary suffered a small fire, and it was decided to remove it.  Paul asked if the building could be modified as a marionette stage.  It was agreed and later moved to the final location between the Ferris Wheel and the 'Rock-&-Roll' rides.  Marionettes were created to resemble Celebrity singers and 15 minute shows were given four times a day.  Also, the Whalom Park mascots were constructed into marionettes and performed from this location.  Visit Mr. L'Ecuyer's Drawbridge Puppet Theater in Lunenburg ~
Ginger-Bread house in the old 'Kiddieland' suffered a small electrical fire.  The building was renovated and turned into the 'Starshine' Marionette Theater, and was moved near the Ferris Wheel.Another view of the Ginger-bread House.Closer View of the Ginger Bread house in the old Kiddieland.
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