I was looking at the map of Whalom you have on your website and really pushing my old brain to think and I'm positive that half the stuff your map shows was not there when I was a kid.  As a matter of fact, there wasn't really much to Whalom Park at all!  If my mind serves me right, across from the Fun House your map shows Mini Golf and there was no Mini Golf.  There were some benches for the adults to sit on while waiting for the kids to come out of the Fun House and behind the benches were some booths that had things like the Dart Throw (break the balloons) and some other silly type games like that.  I do remember the "bigger" rides costing 10 cents.  Sometimes (since the park was free to get in) we would go up to Whalom for the day and just walk around and hang out cause we didn't have any money.  Oh, those were the days.  Of course, as teenagers, we'd find someone who had a car and cruise the waterfront.  I miss those days.
Paula Davis ~ July 4, 2010
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After College we moved to RI and then CT and when the park was open we, my parents and us, would take our kids to the Park. My Father and Mother would wait with great anticipation to approach the Railroad Bridge on North Main Street in North Leominster when my youngest son would see the advertisement and shoot out with much excitement, "Whalom Park, straight aaaaaahead!!" My Dad would always remind us of that, a great memory in his heart.
Roland Ferrera ~ July 5, 2010
When I was dating my former husband, we spent many summer nights at Whalom Park. We would play (I think it was Skee-ball) and he won our silverware and glassware that we used for a long time after we got married.  We were just teenagers at the time; and the child that said "Whalom Park Straight Ahead" was our child.  All grown up now but still remembers those happy times with his Grandparents and parents!
Esther Ferrera ~ July 5, 2010
What a wonderful job you have done recreating Whalom!  Some of my greatest memories were of going to Whalom Park when I was growing up.  I used to take my son back in the 1980's to early 90's. It was the greatest place and every time I drive by I am so sad that it is gone. I always start singing "Whalom Park, for a whale of a time" and then it gets stuck in my head for days!
Jen ~ July 7, 2010
Growing up back in the late 60's,& 70's. Our family would take a day trip from our home in Winthrop, Mass. We would alway's start the day swimming at the lake, then have lunch in the picnic groves 6&7. We would bring our own food, and have a b-b-q.Our family only did this once a year, sometime in June or July. There were 6 of us plus our parents. The money added up fast,but they knew a great value. One price ride all day,any ride,  except the turnpike.  The Park was the greatest. I loved the old funhouse with the spinning wheel in the center. The cloud slide,The whip, Dodgem cars, and of course the roller coaster was the best. Every year we went. It was something we looked forward to.
The park will alway's have a very special place in my heart! The map of the park is how I remember it. We would all be pretty tired at the end of the day. Over an hour back to Winthrop Mass. All of the rides were great,The staff who worked there were great. It's with great sadness that the park was not saved. The history of the park will live on in the childs memories.I should know I was one of those children to be lucky enough to experince this wonderfull park.
Paul J Sheehan ~ July 17, 2010
This is a wonderful site!  I grew up in North Leominster and much of my weekdays and weekends were spent at Whalom Park.
I was a big fan of the Skeeball on "The Lake Front" which was torn down quite recently and I truly cried when I read it was gone.  I spent many a time playing mini golf and my favorite game in the park as I grew older was Fascination.  I now wish I saved all I won there.  I took my now 20 yr. old son there to ride the Carousel when he was still a baby.  Driving by there now only brings me to tears.  Many of my family and friends worked at the park and the shows were really great to watch on the main stage.  I also spent a lot of time in the Roller Rink.  I miss the park...it was a wonderful low cost place to enjoy a day and a picnic.
Sandra L. Desilets ~ July 29, 2010
Every year when I was a young girl my father's company, Sanders Associates, had their company outing at Whalom Park in the fall right after school began. There were four of us kids and we looked forward to that event probably more than any other. It always softened the blow of having to return to school after a summer of fun. Autumn is still one of my favorite seasons and I think that is due in part to the great childhood memories from Whalom Park. It was our yearly excursion from about 1963 through 1975 or '80. Peggy O'Neil ~ August 9, 2010
My Mom and Dad met at Whalom Park ....at the roller skating rink .
Carol Harley Dromgoole ~ December 8, 2010
It was a nice, small place that was nearby to go to and have fun.  As a child you had no idea that it was a destination for others, it seemed like it was there just for you.  Through the years I enjoyed it as a child, then as a teenager at the roller rink (yikes roller disco!!) and then even more years later I took younger relatives to enjoy it as well. 
Lynne ~ December 2010
I remember going to the corner store to get a quarter with the right year on it so I could go to the rollerskating rink on Saturday afternoons at Whalom for a quarter.  And I just loved the Playhouse!  The Whalom Playhouse was where I saw my first live performances by such stars as Fabian, Mickey Rooney, Talullah Bankhead, Martha Rae and a host of others.  That exposure was what began a lifelong theatre interest and involvement for me.  It was a great place for families to play together and for teens to gather on those hot Summer nights in Fitchburg.  Thanks for a great ride and for preserving the memories.
Diane (LeBlanc) Cserbak ~ January 7,  2011
Thank you so much for creating this website - it brought back so many good memories; made me laugh and cry ...that part of my childhood is gone - but not forgotten...
Lori Cowee ~ March 7, 2011
I spent many days and nights holding hands with my girlfriend, roller-skating.  It sure was a nice evening back then.  Also, going for a roller coaster ride, and the bumper cars smashing into one another.  Such good memories - going back to 1945-1948.  Those were the days.  I wish I could see all my old girl friends from Fitchburg.  I hope they're still with us.  Hell, I will be 80 soon!
Bob Pierce ~ March 11, 2011
I remember going Roller Skating three times a week, especially on Sunday afternoons. My mother was a great skater, and she got us all to go. We had loads of fun. That was entertainment back then, and you could enjoy yourself without getting into trouble. I also enjoyed some of the rides. After I got married, I took my younger brothers there along with my own children, and watched them ride all the rides. It brought back great memories. Use to love the Fun House also. We really need something like that again around here for people to go to without having to drive 50 miles. It's too bad that they couldn't have updated it and kept it open. It was a place that people could go as a family and enjoy it together. We need that more now than ever.
Shirley Reynolds ~ March 12, 2011
Thanks for a great site, it's all about the memories of the thrill of riding the bus to Whalom for the day. Going to swim or to the rink for a couple of hours. Thanks again!
Bill L. ~ March 16, 2011
Way back in the late 50's and early 60's, my dad's company, National Research in Cambridge held their summer family outings at Whalom. We'd drive out from Newton where we lived at the time. It was the highlight of our summer vacations!  I was between the age of 8 and maybe 12 at the time. I loved the Fun House with the moving plank floor which you had to walk on before getting into the Fun House. I remember the curved mirrors that made you look tall or short, fat or thin!. The big disc in the middle of the house that you sat on and tried not to get spun off when it began turning. There was also the big slide and the burlap bags you sat on to take your ride and the big rotating drum you'd go in and tuble around. The big kids could spread their arms and legs inside and make a complete revolution. I couldn't! I also remember the bumper cars and the whip which really seemed to go a LOT faster then than they do in the video! I remember the train but I seem to think it was a real steam engine and not diesel like in the video but I may be wrong. The carousel was fun and I believe I recall reaching for a brass ring but I never got it! Once, I went on the Ferris wheel with my Mom and she began screaming to get off! I went on the roller coaster just once with my younger sister but we were too scared to ever do it again! Everyone from Dad's company would cook out in the picnic pavillions. It was such a great time for us. I've gone by the old place a couple times and think how sad it is that it's gone. But I'll never forget it! I don't remember where I heard of this website but I'm glad I found it. Although most of your info seems to be from the 70's and later, it still brought back a lot of fun memories. Thanks!
Ken Moulton ~ March 20, 2011
In 1986 upon entering the park and paying the admission price, each person was given a map of the place, On the cover of the map was a picture of the steepest drop of the rollar coaster ride full of people with their mouths wide open screaming!  I will never forget bringing my son there the following year and being given the map and to our astonishment seeing me and my son  sitting side by side in the front car of the rollar coaster in the map picture as it proceeded down that biggest incline! It made our day and yes, we were given 20 maps to show off to people. Talk about a coincidence!!
Larry Rettig ~ April 15,  2011
OMG! My friends and I had worked at Whalom Park during most of my teen age years! I had worked there from the time I was 13 years old till I was 16, working in the Center Concession Stand. I remember having blue or pink hair from the cotton candy machine! Lol! My boyfriend at the time was running the Roller Coaster. I remember him having to walk the whole track (most times I couldn't watch!)to ensure everything was okay before he opened it up for rides. At break times we would all meet to grab a bite to eat, but never went back to work without a ride on the Roller Coaster. Thank you so much for building this site, you've done an amazing job.
Patti Dionne-Joseph ~ April 18,  2011
When I was a child, my family went to an "Orangemans" Lodge picnic every year at Whalom. My cousins would come up from Boston and we'd have a wonderful day. We'd spend a long time in the funhouse as we didn't have a lot of money and for one ticket you could stay as long as you wanted. We would save up our allowance for weeks before the picnic. My Dad played the fife  in the "Kilty band" parade.  All us kids would go on the train and boat rides with our Moms. What great memories I have at Whalom Park. Years later my husband and I took our 4 kids there many times. I even got a chance to take a couple of grand children there before it closed.
Beverly Robbins ~ May 22,  2011
Thank you for the site.  I left Leominster in 1972, but was able to return for several visits with my kids in the 1990s so they got to enjoy the park.  It is such a shame that this part of Americana is gone.  My favorite memories include the roller coaster, the whip, the roto-jets and the tumblebug, but, not a winter went by that we didn't line up in front of the Black Stallion on the lake and watch the jalopy races.  My my my, isn't government regulation and modernization wonderful?  Remember riding the roller coaster without feeling like you were harnessed in to the space shuttle?  Those were the days.  And who can forget the year they got, what we called, the garbage suckers, those wonderful character trash cans with suction to eat your trash?  We used to beg our parents to buy us stuff just so we could generate more garbage.
Randy Raux ~ May 25,  2011
I was one of the "Whalom Bums", I grew up in Whalom, lived right across the street from the roller skating rink, right between Fury's Tower And The Lakeview Club.  It wasn't just the park, Whalom was a great place to grow up, we had it all, from watching the drive-in from the woods behind the drive in to Carbone's Pizza and it was free to the kids late at night, don't forget the Windmill Pizza.  We had the varity store for after school hangout, Louie's dounut shop where he made twice size choclate coved do-nuts just for the kids, not counting all the kids that worked in the back...there you would get the 3 times filled jelly do-nuts.  Have many more stories to tell...more later
Philip A. Adams ~ May 27,  2011
My grand parents met in the dance hall. They are now retired and live within a mile of what was once whalom park. I spent my childhood and teenage years there. I now have children and wish I could take them to the old whalom Park. It is sad it is gone. If you look at the history of the land, from picnic park to amusement park.
It had family fun and family time in mind. Now its covered in overpriced condos. It is a terrible loss, and I could never live on the site. I would cry Myself to sleep every night.
Missinwhalom ~ August 25,  2011
I enjoyed Whalom Park during the 40's and early 50's. Spent many many days there. Used the skating rink 2x a week, took swiming lessons there and swam on both sides of the lake, must had riden all the rides a hundred times. Took the bus to get there, went to the ballroom many times also. This is the best nostalgic thing I have done lately. I just returned from Leominster June 2012 and saw the condos. How sad to not have the park anymore. Have lived in North Carolina for 56 years now, but it was like yesterday when I watched this website. Thank you.
Lorraine Tremblay Richardson ~ July 18,  2012