The Whalom
A very early view of the Whalom Playhouse - picks & shovels still show the grouds being cleared before the first show.  Contributed by Paul PorterA Cast of Characters from an opera at the Whalom Playhouse - Contributed by Paul PorterGlamarous Ushers for Playhouse seating - Contributed by Paul PorterRobert WebberGloria Swanson starred in a play at the Whalom Playhouse.Most people can't believe that the infamous Mae West really appeared in a play at the Whalom Playhouse.Yes, Cass Elliot  appeared at the Whalom Playhouse, before becoming part of 'The Mama's & the Papa's !And Fabian too!The famous and historical Whalom Playhouse burned to the ground on Sunday evening, September 21, 1975.  It was never rebuilt.
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Our memories of the Playhouse
Thank you for putting this site up on the internet.  Many Sundays were spent here as a child.  Great memories of my childhood.  My Dad once took me to the Playhouse to see Ginger Rogers in Book, Bell and Candle.
Paula Davis ~ July 2, 2010
We went to see several plays here and they were wonderful, one that stands out is when Ginger Rodgers performed, I believe that was late 50's.  Great time.  Then cross the street to Conrad's for a delicious dinner or to the corner for Carbone's Italian.  Great memories.
Chris Trainque ~ December 11, 2010
I used to go with my mother and I would feel so grown up.  Best play=West Side Story
Sallyann (Haynes) Dunton ~ March 14, 2011