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This website is wonderful.  Thank you so much for sharing it. This was my favorite ride in the whole park, but the problem was the park closed when I was 10, and every year I would try to convince my friends and siblings to go on it with me, but they were all too afraid to go upside down, so my only chance to go on was with my parents, and clearly the uneven weight didnt work out as well as it should, haha.  The ride was right against the fence so you could see it from the road.  When the park closed, everytime I drove by,  I would look at it and remember how much I loved it and wished it stayed open long enough for me to go on it now. You cant find rides like the ones whalom park had ANYWHERE.  I'm glad I got the experience.
Mandi ~ June 11, 2010
Also known as the 'Looper' or 'Hamster Wheels', Whalom's 'Rock & Roll' is a vintage
Allan Herschell Looper flat ride.  The ride was sold to Knoebels Amusement Park in Elysburg, PA in 2001, and restored. ~ LOOK NOW
Our Memories of the 'Rock & Roll'
I'm really glad to hear Knoebel's got this ride.  They'll take good care of it.  I was told that the ride was built in-house with material from a nearby steel yard.  I can't remember the name of the guy who built it, but supposedly he had a hand in building the Bouncer as well.
Jay Ducharme ~ July 11, 2010