Whalom Skating Club member, Gilda Prencipe, Age 18 in 1945.  Photo contributed by Darlene and CJ CloutierWhalom Skating Club member, Gilda Prencipe, Age 18 in 1945.  Photo contributed by Darlene and CJ CloutierDarlene, Lionel and Shirley Williams at the Roller Rink March 30, 1959 - Photo contributed by Shirley Reynolds
Gilda Williams (Prencipe) and 

 Robert J Hanks at the Whalom Roller Rink while attending a Union Products 'skating party', March 1973.
 Photo contributed by Darlene and CJ Cloutier

Video capture by Jay Ducharme
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The Roller-Rink was opened in 1906 and it brought thousands of folks to the park just the hear the new $3,000. organ - and of course put on some skates and twirl the oval skate floor.  The roller rink continued it's popularity with only a temporary stop of operation due to the midway fire in the 1940's which burned a portion of the rink.  It was restored, and skating continued up until the late 1970's when the floors became warped and uneven, and the repairs too costly.  For several winter seasons thereafter, the Roller-Rink became an indoor Flea Market, and during the spring and summer, a warehouse for park souvenirs and prizes.  It also housed the Entertainment department, (mascot changing rooms) in the back offices.  During the last couple of years, it served as another entertainment venue, with live professional wrestling matches!  The building was one of the first to be torn down in 2006.
My cousins and I spent many a day in this roller rink in the late 1950's and early 1960's.  I learned to roller skate there.  I had one cousin who couldn't figure out how to stop properly.  So, he'd use the wall at one end of the building to slam into.  It's one memory of him that I can't get out of my head to this day!
Paula Davis ~ July 1, 2010

Many memories from long ago playing skeeball, spending hours in the funhouse trying to stay on the spinning floor, the penny arcade and all for probably less than $.50. But the best of all was being able to go to the skating rink and watch my Uncle Oz Thrasher, a fantastic skater and instructor as he flew around the rink stopping now and then to talk to us through the screened windows.
Roland Ferrera ~ July 5, 2010
Our Memories of the Roller-Rink
OMG!! It was the best!!! I learned to skate there. My grandfather got me a used pair with the great hard case and of course the skate key! Awesome memories on that rink... I felt so accomplished... so.... in!  I'm smiling as I type this!  Thanks for the memories!
Deb Floyd Cormier ~ July 5, 2010
My family lived less than 20 min from Whalom and my sister and I would walk to the roller rink every saturday afternoon and skate.  This was back in the early to mid seventies. We always had a great time there meeting up with all our friends
Ronald Paugh ~ July 13, 2010
I met my first boyfriend at the roller rink....We are still friends to this day....Every time I think of whalom park I think of him...and I smile...
Irene Legree ~ July 27, 2010
My older sister and I spent many Sunday afternoons there.  As a matter of fact, she met her husband there.  It seems like a time long ago...
Anita ~ December 9, 2010
Wow....does this ever bring back memories! I have wonderful memories of skating there before I was even in school and continued skating regularly through high school. My two older brothers also skated at the rink. Now this was back in the 40's and 50's. Does anyone remember Mr. LaVenture who ran the rink? He and his wife were like another set of parents to all of us regulars. Thanks for setting up this great site of memories.
Carole Smith Levanti ~ December 20, 2010
OMG!  What fun memories this site brings back, especially roller skating!  I had the white skates, and my favorite Aunt Cruci would buy me the the little skirts.  I felt like the prettiest girl there, twirling around the rink!  Thanks for this site.  I'll send it along to friends and family who are scattered far away from Whalom!
Carol ~ December 28, 2010
My mother and father in law met at Whalom Roller Rink. Walter worked at the rink and met Floss there while she was skating there. They were married soon after. That was around 1930?
Peggy Moses ~ December 30, 2010
Thanks for creating this site.  We have enjoyed it a lot.  Attached please find a a few photos of my mother, Gilda Williams (Prencipe) as a teenager, then as an adult still roller skating at Whalom Park roller rink.  She was a member of the Whalom Skating Club.  My mom and dad met at the skating rink while he was stationed at Ft. Devens in the army.  Thank You!  {Photos # 10, 11 & 13 in the photo gallery}
Darlene and Cj Cloutier ~ March 12, 2011
Remember waiting in line outside the rink before they opened for an evening skate? Meet up with your friends.. We couldn't wait to get in and get our skates on! I learned how to roller skate here.
Wendy Ambruson-Baird ~ March 13, 2011
I have enclosed a photo of Shirley, Lionel & Darlene Williams at the Roller Rink, taken March 30, 1959 {Photo #12 in the photo gallery}
Shirley Reynolds ~ March 13, 2011
My mother, Grace Reynolds, and my father, Leslie Miller, met each other while skating here.  I often went with various groups like my church group.  My family and I took my girlfriend, Cindy Wood, who is now my wife, on a skating date.  My father, who was an excellent skater, was teaching her how to skate, when she accidentally tripped him.  He had never fallen before and promptly gave her back to me for skating instruction.
Jack Miller ~ March 15, 2011
The roller rink...more great memories. I discovered the roller rink with my best friend. At that time I was only allowed to go on Saturdays with her,because we were not old enough to go at night( a much different era than today) I FINALLY learned to skate,it became my passion. On Saturday you could get in for a quarter if you had the right date on it. The people who ran the rink would tell you each week what quarter they were looking for. As I got older,I took lessons. I took groupp lessons and private lessons. I used to go Saturday afternoon,Saturday night,Sunday aafternoon,Sunday night,Wednesday night for lessons. That was when the busses ran until 11PM at night...So much fun !!!.
Anonymous ~ April 12, 2011
Hi, I think the gentleman in the photo with Gilda skating at the Whalom roller rink is my dad Robert J Hanks from Leominster.  He was employed at Union Products for 30 years and used to take me there every weekend.  I loved it so and have the greatest memories of the music and the fun and of course the skating that went on there.  GOOD CLEAN FUN    
Darlene Hanks ~ April 15, 2011
Hi, Many memories for me at the whalom roller rink, back in 1966-1971 had a lot of friends moved out of Mass in the 80s and never went back. If only i knew how my friends are doing 40 years later. It would be nice if we had a reunion to see eacher again. please keep in touch if you can.   Im looking for Dorothy Frank from Wilmington or Billerica Mass. That was her maiden name 40 years ago.She took lessons from Emily Melville from 1966-1971 along with her sisters Daine &Debbie Frank. My best memories were of her, And I never told her. I never went back to the rink after i went into the service. Can some roller skaters out there help me find her? She is the one who I should have married. I would like very much to say Hi to her after 40 years.
Robert ~  August 20,  2011