A proposed design for a new sign for Skee-Ball - Photo and artwork contributed  by Paul L'EcuyerVideo capture by Jay DucharmeWhile Whalom was closed
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Our memories of the 'Skee-Ball/Arcade'
I use to run the skee ball for years!  LOL   I worked at whalom when u actually had to get a work permit till i was 17/18. Sigh. I miss it.
Steve S ~ December 9, 2010
I  remember Skee-Ball very well. when I was a little girl, my folks went there regularly, every weekend.  When I was a kid...the prizes were great.  I had a lamp for my room that I had won.  There was always carnival glass dishes for candy. OOOhhh, there were so many things. You could "hang on" to your tickets and save them for bigger and better things. The woman behind the counter where you cashed your tickets was Mrs. Peck...she had been a former teacher (she was retired) and the man who was in charge of the floor, and would give you your tickets was Francis many great memories
Anonymous ~ April 12, 2011
I worked at the upper skeeball where the jukebox played three songs over and over.  "Some like it hot",  "With or without you" and "Don't you...forget about me"  to this day each time I hear those songs I am instantly transported to those simpler days.  eidetic memory comes in handy at times.    My grandmother worked at the lakefront skeeball, was the manager for many years.
Kelly Goodwin ~ May 20, 2012