Photo Contributed by Bob CornellierPhoto Contributed by Bob Cornellier
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Our memories of the 'Space Capsule'
I would ride this all day long if I could.  One of my favorites..
Dianne N. ~December 14, 2010
I was an operator of the space capsule in the summer of 1988 and had a rider who had just enjoyed some liquor  board the ride.  I noticed he was possibly drunk and suggested he sit this ride out as it may cause an upset, so to speak.  He assured me that he was sober enough.  Within moments of the start of the ride the thing I dreaded happened!  I soon was covered from my shoulders to my shins in his lunch as were a few others.  Needless to say, I NEVER allowed such another event.  Fortunately the operator of the Octopus across from me was quick a bucket of water and seemed to enjoy that task!  :)  Wish my kids could have enjoyed it ~ I have many fond memories as a patron and employee.
Kelly Goodwin ~ May 2012