Photo of an early train at Whalom ParkPatrons heading toward the train stationBarry Williams and James F. Reynolds Jr. on the Train - Photo contributed by Shirley Reynolds
Shirley and James F. Reynolds Jr. and Barry Williams on the Train - Photo contributed by Shirley ReynoldsIron Horse Train Engine and engineer.Iron Horse Train engine and engineer.Webmaster, Paul L'Ecuyer's nephew, Joseph Raboin on the train.Whalom Park mascot, Simon Looney Bear taking a ride on the Train, with Mr. Dave Caron.Coming into the Tunnel - Video capture by Jay DucharmeTrain station a year after  Whalom closedTrain Station a few years after Whalom Park closedTrain station several years after Whalom Park closed.
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Our memories of the Train
It was one of those rides you had to do every time you went to Whalom, even as older kids.  One summer, my friend got a job and was the engineer of the train.  That made it all the more special.  Of course, we always took special pride in sticking our hands out trying to touch the posts while pulling into the station.
Randy Raux ~ May 25, 2011
My Great Uncle Chandler drove the train for many many years.  He always wore the engineer suit and had a bag of peanuts with him to feed the squirrels.  All of the family outings were at Whalom and they did a dedication to my Uncle there.  So many fond memories...
Bonnie~ July, 2012