There were the original carts for the Tumble-Bug, which were replaced in the 1990'sVideo Capture by Jay DucharmeVideo Capture by Jay DucharmePhoto contributed by Jay Ducharme & family - taken Aug. 5, 1999Photo contributed by Jay Ducharme & family - taken Aug. 5, 1999Video Capture by Jay Ducharme
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Only two full-sized Tumble Bugs remain operating today in the United States—one in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at Kennywood and one in Conneaut Lake, also in Pennsylvania. All full-size instances were made by Traver Engineering. The ride also exists in a kiddie form. The size of the full-size Tumble Bug is 100 feet in diameter. The full-size has 6 cars.

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Memories of the Tumble-Bug
Back in spring of 1997 while my wife was at boot camp, I spent a few weeks at whalom grinding down the paint and re painting the entire 'Tumble Bug' for the best manager ever!  It's such a crying shame what happened to the park!!
Jay Leger ~ July 2, 2010
This was my favorite ride in the park!  Once a sight at nearly every amusement park, it was one of only three Tumble Bugs left operating in the entire world.  And Whalom ran it the way it was meant to be run: fast and furious.  The steel tubs had no padding, and flying over the hills at high speed caused the passengers to slide around in their tubs uncontrollably.  It was great fun, and a taste of how rides used to be at the dawn of the twentieth century.
Jay  Ducharme ~ July 10, 2010
Oh my, what good memories of Whalom Park we all have!! I was there  when the original TUMBLE-BUG was there!! That was my favorite! And the FUNHOUSE!!
Nancy (Hanks) Young ~ December 28, 2010
The tumble bug...one of my favorite rides. One Summer,my father worked there. He ran the kiddie roller coaster. Because he worked there I could ride any of the rides for free as many times as I liked. That summer,I took my best friend with me every time. We rode the Tumble-bug frequently,because my best friend had a crush on the kid that was running it...LOL
Anonymous~ April 12, 2011
I remember burning my legs wearing shorts in those hot seats during the summer.  I also remember always pretending we were falling out of the car and scaring my aunt who used to be "The Adult"
Randy Raux ~ May 25, 2011