Early photo of the Whip - without roof.  Contributed by Paul PorterVideo Capture by Jay DucharmeVideo Capture by Jay Ducharme
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The Whip was a ride originally designed and built by W.F. Mangels Company of Coney Island, New York, USA. William F. Mangels patented the ride in 1914 and it soon became an extremely popular ride.

The ride consists of two circular wheel-like turn-table platforms on opposing sides of a rectangular base. Motors turn a cable that leads a number of 2/3 person seater cars that are attached, around a laminated wooden track. The ride follows the track while the cable turns. When the car reaches one of the turn-table platforms, the speed picks up forcing riders to one side as the car whips around the corner. Whips with 8, 10, or 12 cars were available. At least two 16-car models exist, one operating at Kennywood and the other in storage at Knoebels.  Could that be the Whalom Park Whip?

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Our Memories of the Whip
The Whip was my favorite ride at Whalom!! As a little kid I loved it because it was a "big kid" ride that I could go on and not get sick!! lol...When I got older I loved it because I would ride it with my high school boyfriend and make sure I sat on the side where I would get to "squish" much fun!!! So sad to see it all gone..but memories never die :)
Amy ~ July 17, 2010
I remember this as if it was yesterday. My family went here on my step-fathers work outing. This is the very first ride we went on. My grandmother was sick for the rest of the day. R.I.P Memere. I tell this story every time I go to an amusement park.
Mike ~ August 28, 2010
I loved Whalom Park. But this ride was too much! I can remember throwing up on Cindy or Diane!  Sorry guys!
Sylvia ~ January 3, 2011
This was my favorite ride......loved it.
Cynthia~ April 1,, 2011
The first picture I looked for on here was the Whip. When I was small they would allow me to ride on this with my Mother. As I grew older right into my teens this was My Mom and My ride. She has since passed, and the park has since closed but this will be forever the place I remember my mom smiling the most as we were "whipped" around.  Thanks for the wonderful memory!
Pattie ~ April 11, 2011
One of my favorite rides! I'll never forget the old man in charge of running the ride would occasionally fall asleep at the controls giving you a longer ride!
Sean ~ February 10, 2012