WHALOM 2006-2010

2006 - Global Property Development Corporation buys land
October 2006 - Bulldozer's demolish most existing buildings and the Comet Roller Coaster
However, demolition of the Carousel building, Lufkin House and two cottages are temporarily halted for historical value - The park's trees and undergrowth reclaim the land
February 2007 - GPDC offers the two cottages for $1,000. and $2,000. respectfully, and the Carousel building for $10,000. to anyone who would move them off site, no legitimate offers - The buildings are demolished.
2007 - 2009 - Global Property Development Corporation fails to build proposed multi-million dollar condominium complex - Land is again for Sale.  Land sold to Emerald Place Development Co. LLC. A modified plan is submitted to town of Lunenburg and accepted.  Land across Rte 13 is being sold seperately as commercial property
December 2009 - Land is stripped of trees and undergrowth - earth is reprocessed
January 2010 - Emerald Place Condominium project begins
June 2010 - Five 'prefabricated' townhouses and one three story complex are constructed, Five townhouses are completed and fully landscaped in three months.  Model home is open - Phase 1 complete
Townhouses have begun selling for $279,900. for an August 2010 closing.
December 2010 - The last remaining 'Whalom' building (the Lufkin House) has been torn down and removed
December 2010 - Most of the completed condominiums are being occupied as leased properties.
December 2011 - The larger condo;s facing Rte 13 are complete.
6-2006 - Main Entrance6-2006 - Space Capsule6-2006 - Center Stage6-2006 - Center Concession and Side of Center Stage
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I still miss the park every time I drive by, being replaced with condos, still empty.  I guess that's progress in today's world.(?)
Eileen H. ~ December 12, 2010
A sad shame to see this gone. Perhaps the world today is just too complicated and the values have changed for the worse.  I spent many happy days at Whalom, and will never forget. They may remove the park, however they'll never remove my good memories.  Thank you for this great website
Paul P. ~ April 21, 2011
I think it is terrible that this historic landmark was sold to a developer... Such an integral part of growing up in central MA was having Whalom Park, flying through "The Black Hole" on the Flyer Comet, seeing the sights from the ferris wheel, and good old fashioned family fun.  There are no places like this anymore...
Kris. ~ June 13, 2012