What do you miss most now that Whalom Park has closed?
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What we miss most at Whalom Park
The thing I miss most, is that I'm not a 'go on' ride person anymore. I liked that there was a cheaper price you could pay if you didn't go on the rides. There is no other place that does this. Too many memories to list as a child and then as an adult with my kids. Sad to see this place close.
Mike ~ August, 2010
I miss the family time I had when I was growing up, and I am sad now that I have children I will not be able to have the same experience and memories with them.  I was lucky enough to be able to bring them a couple of years to the drive-ins before that closed down as well.  All the good family fun items are being driven out .... so sad.
Sandra ~ October 2010
I miss the the roller skating rink!
Lois Ayers ~ December 8, 2010
It was a nice, small place that was nearby to go to and have fun.  As a child you had no idea that it was a destination for others, it seemed like it was there just for you.  Through the years I enjoyed it as a child, then as a teenager at the roller rink (yikes roller disco!!) and then even more years later I took younger relatives to enjoy it as well. 
Lynne ~ December 8, 2010
As a young adult, the center stage acts.  My brother once won a bike from a drawing during the show..nice memories  - very sad that its gone.
Anita ~ December 9, 2010
Where kids could be kids, laughing and having a good time.  A place where families could gather having picnics, swimming, the amusements and for me the roller skating.  I met my husband at Whalom so I will always have fond memories.  I was really sad when it closed.  Six Flags or places like that just don't have the feeling you got from Whalom. Thanks for this web site and brought back some great memories.
Chris Trainque ~ December 11, 2010
I miss the whip, the tilt-a-whirl, the roller coaster, the train, the ferris wheel, the fun house (the old one), and the merry-go-round.
Mary Haley ~ December 11, 2010
I miss the Roller skating rink.  Good clean fun, making lots of friends.
Spent every weekend, afternoons and evenings, there.  Great bunch of people.
Sandy Jacques ~ December 14, 2010
What I miss most is the summer passes that cost the same as the year it was.  Like next summer it would only be $20.11 for the whole summer.  It was the most inexspensive and best time I ever spent as a kid.  It was the end of an era when it closed...
Dianne N. ~ December 14, 2010
I miss roller skating with friends, even a GI named Chuck!
June Kangas Rantanen. ~ December 17, 2010
I miss the hot dogs and fried onions the most....I can still taste them 65 years later!
wgk ~ December 31, 2010
I lived nearby and miss the sound of the roller coaster and train whistle heard faintly all day and into the evening.  I miss the close proximity of an inexpensive place for great family entertainment.  I miss spending an evening playing skee-ball with a role of dimes.
Al Frechette ~ December 31, 2010
I'd hafta say, the rides. Nothing like the wind in my hair 2 make feel like ur flying like a bird:)
Janeen Paul ~ January 9, 2011
The fact that it was so family oriented and so many people have stong and special memories of the park. Back in the 70's you could roam the park with a bunch of your friends and meet your parents later; spend the whole day and have a blast!
Lori Cowee ~ March 7, 2011
What I miss most is the closing of the park.  A place where my family would all meet and have a great time.  From the time the park opened, till it shut down for the night. We sure do miss it!!!
Linda ~ March 11, 2011
I miss the "closest, best" park to take my grandchildren to enjoy a summer day. Great memories here from my childhood.
Moe ~ March 14, 2011
I miss the Roller Skating Rink - the Train, and the people you could meet.
Sallyan (Haynes) Dunton ~ March 14, 2011
I miss being able to walk through the park with younger children and watching the excitement on their faces. It was an awesome place to just hang out. When I was young it was such a fun place to go. I especially miss the roller coaster and the whip!
Darlene ~ March 15, 2011
Once a year, my husband's company, the Boston Edison, would rent the park for an employee's family outing.. I miss those wonderful days, paying a flat fee to set up a picnic lunch and let our four children safely go on every ride and run about the wonderful Whalom Park... Before closing, we were able to share the joy with our oldest grandchildren.. We'll treasure those memories...
Anne Wayland O'Hara ~ March 25, 2011
Where do i even begin!? There is absolutely nothing that i DO NOT miss...i miss ABSOLUTELY everything about Whalom. As Easter is approaching, i remember all the years we would begin our easter with Whalom's famous easter egg hunt. I miss that more than anything. I miss spending endless summer days there, as my grandmother worked the games and would bring me at least twice a week. I miss the mascotts walking around. I miss everything about Whalom.
Autumn Frye ~ April 6, 2011
I worked concessions for two summers. I miss the family fun and the people watching. Times like those summers will never be around again.
Phil Hanno ~ April 10, 2011
I miss the social aspect of Whalom.  It was a place to go to go to meet up with all the other kids.  Roller skating, rides, boat rides, games of chance, dancing, cook-outs etc.  Then it was a wonderful place to bring our kids and their freinds.
Helen Beauregard ~ April 12, 2011
I miss those days when we would go to the park and roller skate, and all the pretty young girls that we used to skate with. Then when we married and used to take the kids there on Sunday, I woud love to take my  Great grand kids there even if it were just for a day. Thank You for all the good times Whalom Park
Ed Thompson ~ April 22, 2011
Taking a bus from down town leominster to whalom park, that ride cost us a dime.  We would roller skate for twenty five cents and then go to the fun house for tenty cents and then after a full day of fun, have a hot dog and cold drink for fifteen cents then take the bus back to downtown leominster for another dime, all this fun and laughter for less than one dollar, incredible.
Those where the fifties.
Paul ~ April 24, 2011
I miss the Summer Theater.  I would go to the park whenever there was a musical there.  It was fun, inexpensive and when I was old enough to drive myself there I went every summer.  Summer stock in New England is pretty much gone so I miss that part the most. MS
MS ~ April 24, 2011
I miss the roller coaster!  It was awesome!
Sue ~ May 22, 2011
I miss having a fun, safe place to spend warm summer days, the smell of corn dogs and popcorn, the sound of the roller coaster and the people screaming with glee. I miss the teenage romantic rides on the Super Trooper, the ambient music, the Tumble Bug, the Whip, the Carousel, the peaceful train rides through the groves... everything. Its hard to believe that a beloved place with such a long history went into ruins so quickly. It seems like a perfect storm of "modern" entertainment competing, traffic, a lack of sound management, PR and prioritizing skills, and the greed, arrogance, lack of interpersonal skills and controlling nature of the majority-owning family brought the park down. Shame on them. And shame on the state of Massachusetts for so easily letting one of its jewels go to ruin
Laura ~ May 26, 2011
I grew up off of Whalom Road, and in addition to swimming in Lake Whalom almost every summer day, I spent countless hours at the park in the sixties. Nothing lasts forever, but when something like the park goes, part of you goes with it.
Mark ~ November 5, 2011
I miss everything, from the fun house to the pirates den and the whip and tumblebug, and turnpike and comet and roto jets, miniature golf and the train.
We had a summer cottage on Spec Pond in Lancaster and went to Whalom Park every weekend (Saturdays and Sundays) all summer long for years and years. I knew that place like the back of my hand, and could find every ride blindfolded!
I was trying to find some video of the inside of the funhouse and did not find anything. Then I searched Whalom Park Fun House, and found a video of a fun house at Luna Park in Australia, and I could not believe my eyes:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eCpGTtvQ7c
This fun house must have been designed by the same company or designer, as it had the rotating wooden barrel, spinning wooden wheel, wooden slides, and even the rising and falling planks that you had to walk over to enter the fun house.
It was really eerie to watch this video, and the sound track even says "There goes Chuck" when a guy gets spun off of the wheel, and my name is Chuck. We spent years on that damn wheel locking our arms together and pushing all of the other kids off with our feet. We were the champions even if we cheated! Seriously is this a similar fun house, or did this park actually purchase the Whalom fun house components and reassemble them over there? It is identical except for the paint colors and some of the art work.
Charles Gould ~ January 2, 2012
I miss being to give my kids all the good times I had there both working... and as a kid.
Mark ~ January 6, 2012
I loved everything about Whalom. The rides, the rollerskating rink and evething little kids like.  When I got older I went to all the dances and danced to all the big bands. Harry James, Tommy Dorsey, Gene Kruper, Artie Shaw, Vaughan Monroe, Glenn Miller and many more.  I loved the plays at the playhouse and stood there when it burned down, and I cried like a baby.
Tina Melanson ~ February 26, 2012
Whalom Park would not do well in today's environment. Too small and not enough to attract new people. However as a smaller park with just a few rides like a carnival it might be ok.
Dick ~ July 11, 2012
I miss all of it. Love to bring lunch then ride all day. Used to at least 2 times during the summer.
June Cote ~ July 15, 2012