What was your favorite game at Whalom Park?
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Our favorite games at Whalom Park
Fascination!  I played it every night.
Guy Gagnon ~ December 9, 2010
Al Frechette ~ December 31, 2010
Mini Golf. My Grandfather used to work at the mini golf course for a time and it was really fun to go see him and play as well.
Eva Smith ~ January 21, 2011
Definately the mini golf.
Lori Cowee ~ March 7, 2011
The shooting gallery. 22 cal. were a lot of fun !!
Guy Mackenzie ~ March 13, 2011
I loved SkeeBall. Even today, when I take my grandchildren to "Chuck E Cheese" I play skee ball for tickets to win them a prize!
Moe ~  March 14, 2011
Paul ~  April 24, 2011
Water Pistol Darts,  I won at it alot.  I also loved the Roller Skating.  I have a lot of memoires there,
Virginia Wilder ~  April 24, 2011