What is your favorite memory from Whalom Park?
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Our favorite memories
I have so many!  As a child, our extended family would ride the F&L to the park. My mom and aunts would bring picnic baskets with an assortment of goodies.  (I don't know how they carried all that on the bus.  As a teenager, I remember seeing many groups play in the ballroom.  Mickey and Sylvia come to mind.  After the ballroom closed, we loved the trampolines.
Elaine ~ December 9, 2010
Working during the summer in kiddieland 1960/61/62
Phil Babeau ~ December 9, 2010
Diving off the tower at Gray's.  Bill Haley at the Ballroom. Playing Fascination (we cheated).  Pin ball machines at the penny arcade.  Making out on the swings.  Sitting on the benches watching all the girls go by!  All of it!  Bring it back...and I'll start all over.  I'm only 72!
Guy Gagnon ~ December 9, 2010
Almost every Saturday my friend Nancy and I would listen to WEIM to hear what the lucky quarter was. We would bug our parents to find that quarter and then get a ride to the Roller Rink. Since the kids that took skating lessons all wore short twirly skits so did we. It took us a whole year to learn to use our toe stop and to go backwards. We were always in the way of the good skaters. We didn't care!!
Mary Haley ~ December 11, 2010
Fascination and a girl we called "stuck ball".
Al Frechette ~ December 31, 2010
The summer of 1994-95 when I was around 14 years old, I remember spending almost every day of summer vacation at Whalom. Getting dropped off there with my best friends for the day, with babysitting money in my pocket, represented my first feelings of adolescent FREEDOM! We were there to socialize, meet up with boys, and be young teenagers, all amidst the amusement park that had been there since before we were born. I now drive by Whalom every day on my way to and from work, and I don't see the condos that have been built...I see the yellow rollercoaster, the whale sign, the railroad...I'll never forget the old days!
Heather ~ January 7, 2011
The first time I was allowed to go with my older sister and her friends on the rides - without my mom or dad. I thought it was so cool to go on the scrambler and to the Fun House with a bunch of 13 year-olds.
Lori Cowee ~  March, 7, 2011
The feeling of being safe within the whole park.  I took my four kids every Sunday afternoon. 
It was great a way to spend time with them and seeing them so happy.
Leo ~  March, 14, 2011
I entered a contest once during a visit with my parents and won a "Mickey Mouse" watch. I don't know what happened to it now, but was always thrilled that I got to go up on stage and pick the prize I wanted first.
Moe ~  March, 14, 2011
I loved going to the Park.  It was only 2 streets away from my cousin's house.  They all worked there-Bill, Dan, Jeannie Reynolds and their grandmother Peg Girourd.  When I got my driver's license, we would "cruise" in my '55 Chevy up and down  "The Lakefront".  I could buy a small fried clam basket for $.90 and a coke for $.10 and watch the world go by.
Jack Miller ~  March, 15, 2011
The fondest memory is dancing in the ballroom and being able to see your favorite band in person, like Tommy Dorsey, Count Basie, Stan Kenton, and also the singers who would accompany them, like Joni James, Theresa Brewer, and others. When I was younger it was the roller skating rink. Had my own skates and would go there every weekend as often as I could. Playing miniature golf was fun, too. It helped my putting when I started playing real golf. Whalom is one of the best memories of my life and I will always cherish those times.
Norma ~  March, 31, 2011
As I think back, more and more memories come alive. Like screaming on the wonderful roller coaster and whipping around on the "Whip". Riding the Ferris Wheel with your friends and rocking back & forth til some of them begged us to stop. Daredevils,then! The laughing clown at the entrance to the "Fun House" would make me laugh every time we went there & scaring the kids as they entered the door. Watching the entertainment that was center stage in the park and eating fried dough. Oh, not to forget Williams hot dogs with peppers & onions down on the lakefront. They were the "BEST" hotdogs in the world. I miss those carefree days and feel lucky to have had them.
Norme ~  April 2, 2011
I remember being on the rollercoaster and watching the Whalom Drive-in movie screen was burning down..
James ~  April 15, 2011
I loved the slide in the Fun House (remember those itchy burlap blanket things we sat on to slide down?) and I also loved the spin-a-paint! Such masterpieces were created!
Lisa ~  April 16, 2011
My favorite memories skating around the rink waving to all our friends and putting on fancy moves to show off.  My sister Joyce and I spent many hours making new short skirts and listening to Ron Harry on the organ. Those memories will always be etched in our minds.It was  our home away from home.
Barbara and Joyce Bebick ~ April 20, 2011
I worked at the park from 1964 to 1967 at the Fun House and the Pirate's Den. It was the gest years of my working years. (now retired)  I went back to the park last summer to see what was left of it.  I found part of the clown, a tee shirt from a maintenance worker and some name tags.  In 1964, I held the record on the Roller Coaster (22 rides)  That was a great time!  And don't forget the lake front - how many cars.  And the fried clams and hot dogs were from Heaven! 
Bob ~ April 21, 2011
We used to get on the ferry boat and ride the lake til it got in front of the Lunenburg Town Beach (back then "Aqualand") and we'd jump out of the ferry and swim in.  I remember one summer me and a friend stayed on the roller coster for 8 hours, people brought us drinks, we just would not get off...hell all our friends worked the rides...1st trip up we were in the front seat, by the time the ride ended, we were in the last seat and did leave for 8 hours.  we just climbed over everybody till we got to the back seats.  YES while the ride was going on..
Phil Adams ~ May 27, 2011
Going there every Sunday,to ride the rides, and then three times a week roller skating. We spent many hours there. That's when you could go and have good clean fun and not get into trouble. There is no place for these kids/teens to go anymore, so they get into trouble. Hang out at the Malls, etc. We need something back in this town of Leominster/Fitchburg/Lunenburg for people to go and have some good clean fun and enjoyment again. I also enjoyed bringing my kids there as they were growing up. It gave me great pleasure just to watch them ride the rides. I myself acted as a kid too. I had just as much fun.
Shirley Reynolds ~ July 8, 2011
I worked at Whalom during the summers of 1973 and 1974 for Mr and Mrs Howell. They ran all the food stations throughout the park. I have since moved from Mass and go back every so often to visit friends. I went by the park area about six months ago, and was heartbroken to see the new homes. I wish I did not do that, my memories of this wonderful place and time in my life are as vivid as the days I worked and played at this park. My dad and mom would work weekends and managed the workers, they loved my parents. At the end of a work day, my dad and mom would invite the workers to the house for a pool party and cook-out, soooooo coool !!!!!! Miss all you people and surely miss the park!
John Spadafore ~ July 7, 2011
Working there my first job at the food stands. All the fun we had.
Mark Normandin ~ January 6, 2012
Back in the 50's I used to roller-skate at the pavilion.  We used to meet there and go to other roller rink.   I especially remember the organ,  it was great fun.
Robert l Duverger ~ July 6, 2012
I remember my mother used to take my friend, Donna Carrigan, and I to Whalom Park.  I would be so excited I could hardly stand it.  This was 1968-9.  The Flyer Comet was well known amongst the kids.
Mary ~ July 6, 2012
Whalom Park was a big part of anyone growing up in the Fitchburg, Leominster area.  Such a wonderful place.  Buses ran from West Fitchburg and Waites Corner, transfer at Depot Square and have a great day of fun at the park.
Yes, the Mini Golf course was there in 1956 when my first boyfriend and I would spend time there.  The merrygoround was spectacular and the skating rink brought many romances with the soldiers coming from Ft. Devens.
Janet D ~ July 19, 2012