What was your favorite ride at Whalom Park?
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Our favorite rides at Whalom Park
Definitely the whip.
Elaine ~ December 8, 2010
I Loved the Scrambler.  My hair whipped around and I crushed the person next to me.  Took a ride with a friend during the big hair "Aqua Net" 80's and her hair never moved!
Lynne ~ December 8, 2010
The Roller-Coaster
Guy Gagnon ~ December 9, 2010
The Carousel! It reminded me of my childhood and captured everything possible with the music and horses!
Wendy ~ December 11, 2010
The Pirate's Den, Roller Coaster and The Planes.
Al Frechette ~ December 31, 2010
The Bumper Cars
Don Smith ~ January 21, 2011
I only got to go there once. I was at John Augustus hall in Oakdale, and they took us there.  It was in July.  I liked the fun house, and the ride you rode in the cars - was open in the middle. Tracks in the middle was like roller coaster went down then up and thru the doors on the other side i think it was called Pirates Den. I'm 54 now so this was like 1968. I was 12 little over 42 years ago.
Paul Moholland ~ January 27, 2011
The roller coaster - back in the late 60's and early 70's I swear I could hear screws coming loose when the cart began clicking up the track!
Lori Cowee ~ March, 2011
THE TURNPIKE!  When I rode it, the cars looked like race cars, NOT as in the accompanying video.  Also, the track was elevated wood!  Second favorite- Dodgems or Bumper Cars, which also looked different back in the fifties.  Later, I enjoyed miniature golf and candle pin bowling.
Larry Labrack ~ March 12, 2011
My favorite ride was the roller coaster. As a teenager, I loved to go to the roller skating rink with my cousins from Leominster.
Moe ~ March 14, 2011
I loved the turnpike.  As a kid it was lots of fun.  It always had a long line but was worth the wait.
Chris Kinney ~ March 17, 2011
Pirate's Den and the Whip.
Val ~ April 16, 2011
The roller coaster of course and always went on the whip and remember the tumblebug, miss Whalom park so much thankyou for this website it brings back our great memories.
Robin ~ April 21, 2011
The Tubs of Fun wasn't my favorite ride, because when my daughter Michelle and I got on, we started to spin the car, I was allready sick to my stomach before the ride even started.
I recovered soon after to enjoy the rest of the day. The park was an affordable way to have simple family fun, without going to Disney, or some other expensive location.
Richard Leufstedt Sr. ~April 24, 2011
The Whip.
Paul ~ April 24, 2011
I remember trampolines indoors, they were set so as to be flush with the floor.  I spent many hours there.  I believe it was in a building closer to the lake.
Mike Ford ~ May 28, 2011
The Trabant
Robin ~ July 1, 2011
Roller Coaster, Pirates Den and the Fun House
Tony ~ June 26, 2011
The Roller Coaster.
Keri Ann ~ July 20, 2011
The Pirate's Den. When it went up in flames, the park was not the same, nor did I care to ever go back. It was the ONE ride I liked here.
Geroge ~ July 30, 2011
My favorite ride was the Tumble-Bug!
Cindy ~ October 1, 2011
My favorite ride was the Roller Coaster!
Janice ~ October 1, 2011
My favorite rides were; Roto- jets, the Trabant, Pirate's Den, and the Comet! I grew up going to that park from early 70's to Mid- 80's. I moved away and always wanted to return, now all I have are my fond memories and photos!! What a shame! Whalom wasn't the park with the best rides, it was simply the BEST PARK! With tears in our eyes we will miss you Whalom!!!
Bob Hartland ~ October 28, 2011
I think the Pirates Den captured my imagination the most. As kids we would see it being built in stages and that raised the anticipation. It was also the place to go with a girl seated next to you, hoping she would get scared and hug onto you....
Frank Mazzarella ~ January 11, 2012
I loved the old rocket ride and the train ride the whip
Brenton Lembo ~ April 26, 2012
The Fun House.
Robert L Duverger ~ July 6, 2012